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Man About Town: Villages & Villas

My lens was still on zoom, took portraits of strippers in Atlanta, the next day I had a smoothie in Tulum, swinging back and forth in a hammock getting tanned, as new ideas came to me I wrote them in the sand.

NEEDS&WANTS Delivery One / 2017

Since our last collection came out in October, I wasn't in a rush to design anything. I wanted to travel, reset, and then expand the collection beyond varsity jackets. This new collection consists of multiple silhouettes, some cuts that are form fitting and some that are oversized. After all, thats really just a reflection of my personal style, which has been monochromatic and uniformed as of late.

I think the more we evolve into the digital space, fashion will become a lot more uniform. I'm not sure if that's because people have less time to pay attention to getting dressed, or if it's how much the internet is killing a sense of personal style. Either way, It's clear that what transcends time is always what's kept simple. My only exception to buying in excess, is plain tees—you can never have enough plain tees.

Above: NEEDS&WANTS ¾ Double Layer Shorts (Olive). Fabric imported from Italy. Made in Canada.

During my brief stint studying fashion design, I didn't care much for the technical courses, but I remember how interested I was in fashion history. It wasn't until around after World War 1 that exterior logo placement on clothing became a thing, which I believe started with Rene Lacoste's pique polo. Before then, if you wanted to know what someone was wearing you'd have to ask, or assume the unmistakable cut of a tweed jacket was Chanel. Years after leaving school, that approach to design has stuck with me. The new collection should be out sooon, we've just gotta finish renovating the new site first, that in itself is a design process, lol.

We Find Love / Blessed

I've been humming the melodies of these modern hymns for the past two months. We went all the way to Bulgaria to shoot cover art for Daniel Caesar's We Find Love, Blessed, and forthcoming album. We Find Love might be my favorite song Danny's recorded, and I say that with bias being brought up in church, plus the song's likeness to Donnie McClurkin's 'We Fall Down'. While on location in Bulgaria, our concept for the artwork was deliberate. I had a full roll of 120 film left—which is only 12 frames, while the sun started to set, and I didn't realize flowers would burn that fast but we got it.

The cyrillic script on the artwork translates to Danny's name and the titles of the tracks. Shout out to Iva for breaking down the entire cyrillic alphabet for us while in Bulgaria, and to Victoria for the translations. Keavan and Danny learned the entire cyrillic alphabet in one night and could read and spell it by the next day. Tbh, I love the image (above) Keavan shot for Blessed so much that I considered it an album cover option, but we've got heat in the staaash. Click the covers above or stream here.

Change of Plans Mixtape

This is a mixtape and soundtrack to the new NEEDS&WANTS collection delivering this month. 'Change of Plans' because your initial idea can always be revised or evolve, hopefully for the better. You won't find it on Apple Music or Spotify, but you can download it here.

Man About Town: Take Your Sweet Time

In this segment, I begin to fully understand the idea of creative longevity through revision and consistency. I wish for no success too quickly, and decide to take long strides in baby steps. It turns out that you can't expect clarity from expired film, and the beauty you're in search of can be found in plain sight.