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F/W '15 Preview

Took it back to some post-World War II inspired design for this upcoming NEEDS&WANTS Fall/Winter delivery. No matter what they tell you, the best design [both form and function] is from the military. I don't remember the moment I decided on this direction as a followup to Pre-Fall, but I noticed in my day to day I was dressing like some teenager who dropped out of cadets. This new delivery includes four new jacket styles, two heavier flight jackets for the Winter months, and two lightweight jackets made of Potiswa Satin, along with a re-issued varsity from 2014. We didn't do our signature leather and wool mash-up from previous seasons. Instead, we paired Nylon and Wool, Satin and Suede, maintaining that element of experimentation we became known for.

I'm sure its widely believed the Sujakan souvenir jackets derive from baseball, when in fact, these jackets were worn by American GI's on tour in Vietnam and Japan. They would often add iconography or personalized embellishments to their jackets, but I'm sure you're now familiar with the NEEDS&WANTS design approach of stripping traditional design down to its core. My dude at HOMEGROWNDIAMONDS shot a guest editorial in Japan and Norway titled "Tokyo Tour" that you can view here.

If you're on the NEEDS&WANTS mailing list you received early access to the Tokyo Tour jacket already, otherwise you'll have to hold tight until October 1st for the delivery [which isn't far away]. Editorial photography courtesy of Othello Grey — product photography by Liam Macrae.