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Archie Magazine Issue 006

Archie Magazine's 'Brand' issue was recently published and I answered a few questions in regards to where I'm at building a brand of my own. They asked:

You’ve recently begun a project that re-examines the relationship between you, your apparel, and your customers. To you, and NEEDS&WANTS, what is the ideal relationship to have with customers and why is it important it follow this ideal?

"More than anything I believe transitioning into a retail location elaborates on our customer relationship. Our product line and collection is very concentrated, so the aspects that surround the brand [such as travel, art, architecture] is what we've emphasized on up to this point. Theres our product, then theres telling its story. We just aim to have an honest dialogue with our customer and potential customer; the audience can tell when somethings not authentic. A retail space is going to allow us to have tangible communication beyond just our product. The climate of retail is evolving for both established brands and start ups—its vital to adapt, grow, and add our input to the culture."

It was a good chat. Photos from the spread are c/o my friend Luis Mora. This issue is on newsstands now (nationwide) and also available for purchase, here.