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Glasshaus Container
(Option A)

Speaking of shipping containers, If you're still not convinced on small spaces in random places, we shot Glasshaus Living's container under a Bloor Street bridge in Toronto a few weeks back. Shooting their unit is apart of the rebranding we're currently working on for the firm.

If you recall from a previous post, Glasshaus played an integral part in the design of the NEEDS&WANTS container; in fact, it was Chris Meiorin, Glasshaus' founding partner and guru of all things glazed and tempered, who sparked my interest in container modification. By the time we had got our own project underway, Glasshaus already had their shipping container on display at The Cottage Life Show.

This container model in particular, designed as 'Option A', is among the series of modular kits soon to be offered by Glasshaus later this year. Essentially, you'll be able to choose between four design options that best suit your needs for mobile living or working.

Design Team: Glasshaus Living, Level Design Build
Location: Toronto, Canada
Project Year: 2016
Special Thanks: Ehoeho
Photography: Tharan Parameshwaran, Sean Brown