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NEEDS&WANTS Container:
Open Concept

Throughout this past Winter season, NEEDS&WANTS embarked on a new journey in expansion with the opening of our first space this Spring/Summer. We’ve built a reputation as a reclusive brand, and rightfully so considering our output and where we stock. Since the brand's debut in October 2013, we've had steady growth but theres been little opportunity to show you the brand beyond the world wide web and our packaging. This made opening a space the next natural step.

Above: A 3D visualization of our container c/o Swim Club · This container will act as the first physical showroom and retail space for the brand—a solution that allows the space to move and adapt to various locations. The NEEDS&WANTS container calls out, refusing to be a static being, but rather a dynamic identity that changes to create settings for pieces matched with each landscape and urban location.

We spent a considerable amount of time on the design, alongside architecture student Marco Lee. This was even before acquiring the unit to be sure it was a reflection of our ethos in both form and function. Its been a small team involved in the build, making it a project that is completely DIY from start to finish. Projects of this magnitude are easier blogged than done, but at least now it means our next collection will be available in store and online—and I've always wanted to say that.

Above, left to right: Secondary entrance/exit and glazing layout · Modified is an 8 foot by 20 foot shipping container in collaboration with Glasshaus Living, a Toronto based firm specializing in custom glazing. 3D visualization of the interior, consisting of chevron pattern tile, further complimented by bleached birch panels acting as wall veneers.

Below, left: *Design stems from parti, the primary concept or idea which an architecture is developed upon. The parti resembles the essence of your product, simplified to basic form and line drawing.

Its been a trip to see the project actualized from a sketch, despite a few challenges, design compromises, and expected setbacks. The image on the right (above), is our container (IRL) being stacked 30 feet by a reach truck. In a few weeks, we'll have the interior fully complete—and by then, I plan on blogging from somewhere in the woods.

Oh! Before I forget...I should mention that we published a cover story on our container project in the latest issue of NEEDS&WANTS Paper, available for purchase, here.

Design Team: Swim Club
Location: Toronto, Canada
Project Year: 2016
Collaborators: Glasshaus Living
Visualization: Nick Callies