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Bougie Parfumée No. 1

I met Fran Miller earlier last year and soon after, we got started on a collaborative product almost a year in the making. Forty-five weeks to be exact. Our limited edition candle is inspired by a mutual appreciation for effortless essentials, faultless minimalism and understated beauty. Our process emphasizes imbuing effective design and aesthetic onto functional objects while utilizing methods that are holistic and pure. We went through quite a few packaging concepts before settling on the matte coffee bag. On top of that, there were constant revisions of the scent, which took months to perfect through careful mixing and matching of ingredients.

Although, F.Miller is primarily a line of holistic skincare; and NEEDS&WANTS focuses mainly on Men's outerwear, our brands share a synergy that made this collaboration seamless. And as an added bonus, we each got to add a SKU to our product line.

Built around the warmth of sandalwood and the lingering smokiness of vetiver, brightened with bergamot—at once dark, subtle and complex. Each candle has been hand poured and made with entirely natural ingredients. Our Bougie Parfumée No. 1 is available online, here, or exclusively in-store at Nomad.