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Took Me Long Enough

Bro. Broooooo! Was the last time I wrote something on here really over a year ago?! Mixtape posts don't count. I didn't think I'd ever have to use being busy as an excuse but I've just been busy. I don't know, I guess with less time to sit down and write I was drawn toward being more visual than literal? Either way, this post is an effort to get back into the habit of journaling what I was doing, or planned to do. Really I just needed to get out there, move around and travel (see the gram, and contributions to the NEEDS&WANTS blog.) What I'm seeing is instrumental to what I'm making. Without any form of discovery or exploration, I find it extremely difficult to design anything. If I try to recap from where I left off this would start to feel like an endless scroll so I'll try to keep this short and highlight the most significant stories.

A series of deliveries have been released via the NEEDS&WANTS web store since, uh, whenever I last mentioned it. The latest editorial (shot by Liam MacRae) features the recent Pre-Fall collection of varsities hand-crafted in mostly Suede. The pink varsity pictured above was inspired by a squad of flamingos I saw during my visit to the LA Zoo. Thats what I meant when I said I need to be seeing things to keep making things. The new A/W 2015 jackets are military inspired and should be up on the site come October 1st.

Since forever I was trying to start my own magazine, newspaper or just publish something. With a small team of people smarter than me, we started NEEDS&WANTS Paper last Fall and will release its third issue around the same time this year. A few things are in motion for the growth of the publication and I imagine in a couple of years it will outgrow being just an accessory to an outerwear brand to something of its own. The web store has been renovated once again — shop the collection here.

I really felt as though I'd made it to the edge of Earth hiking through Fogo Island, Newfoundland. There are some places you'd have to see with your own eyes to understand. The pictures I took don't even illustrate how cold and otherworldly it was. What started out as the backdrop for a content piece ended up being the at centre of reconnecting with my heritage. We ran the story in issue two of NEEDS&WANTS Paper, and you can also check out the editorial in full here.

Speaking of heritage, my last trip to Jamaica changed me. That was the trip that taught me the importance gratitude — for the simplest of things. I won't go to deep into it since I wrote a more extensive journal entry about it you can read here. Kinda sucks, though, one of my go-to cameras suffered water damage from a boat ride in Treasure Beach, I haven't been able to find a replacement since.

Ok so, aside from all thats taken place in between, we should be up to date — for now. Ugh! Now that I think about it, I'm not into this blog layout/design anymore. If I take lapse from posting again it'll most likely be that I'm trying to update the design or maybe I'll just cop out and revert to a splash page. Oh, and don't click any of categorized links beneath the header, I took the images down; I'm still trying to decide how to display my old (and new) work. See, you never really have it all figured out, you just learn as you go grow.