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Quiero y Necesito

The key to seamless collaboration is rooted is strong relationships. To me, an idea broadens when you’re working with people you’re actually friends with. And this year, I vowed to continue my plight of jaywalking between industries and cross pollinating with the professionals within them. I am a fan of both Bambii and Gyimah Gariba; I am also friends with Bambii and Gyimahg Gariba. Once we were all bridged together for the project, I only had to step back and allow them to do what they both do so well. The cover art not only references Japanese colour prints, but theres also a symbolic backstory that I don't want to attempt to explain in fear that I'll misquote Gyimah. Also, shoutout to my guy Hiro in Japan for taking the time to translate the cover text. This mix is the centrepiece of NEEDS&WANTS’ recently launched Soundcloud page, where you can stream this mix and sounds. Enjoy!