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Man About Town: Stay Awake

Took me a while to get to the point of being totally aware of what existed around me. Its interesting to me how the phrase "stay woke" has taken on this new meaning of political awareness and correctness. But to go in depth from a personal stand point, I'm woke when I'm fully absorbing my surroundings; when all of my senses are active and I see something special in the things people tend to walk by and ignore. I mean people, places and things. Even before technology evened the playing field creatively and socially, it was still perspective that separated people with imagination. Most of us have eyes, less of us are using them for vision, and a few are recording or unearthing the magic that is hidden in plain sight. The more I started travelling the more I started to realize how inspiration and information are available to download (around you) at all times. You just have to stay curious, stay open, or stay...woke?

Above: I souped up this 1981 BMX Norco back in July. It obviously isn't what you'd take to a marathon, but it looks fire with white or gum tires. I made sure to grab a pair of both.

Above: Design as a weapon according to Philippe Starck. 18 karats that obviously remind me of a cheat code from Goldeneye.

Below: How to Build a House Museum by Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates. This was a powerful exhibit and a great use of space at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Curated by Kitty Scott.

Above: We were coming home from Prince Edward County and ended up in a small town that was screening The Tragically Hip's final concert at the Air Canada Centre at this drive-in theatre. I didn't realize how many fans they had, but more importantly, legacy is a very very important thing, because the world will only study, celebrate or remember what you leave behind.

Filed Under Film (Full Movie)

Filed Under Film is a mixtape of music videos, vignettes, and interviews both lo-fi and hi res intentionally sequenced into a mosaic of inspiration. Throughout the film, these bits and pieces explore the process of creativity, challenging the notion of art and ideas that have inspired my outlook, approach, and practice. When we first screened the film at Shopify's headquarters back in August, it ran just under an hour, not including the silent pre-screening that loops before the film actually starts.

Afterward, I felt a little more ambitious about how to contextualize the film. I chose a vintage theatre to screen it the second time around, extended it, and added previews to make it really cinematic. I considered uploading the original version earlier, but my worry was that the message would be compromised. In a theatre its just different; you cant't fast forward, rewind or download. You have surround sound, cinematic dimmed lighting, and this particular theatre—floor covered in tacky 80s carpet—bleeds nostalgia. It wasn't easy getting people to the movies to watch a film that I still have a tough time describing, let alone a screening at midnight, so I'm thankful to everyone that came out.

So here it is, the full extended version of the movie mixtape. Please please please don't skip through it. I know this is the internet, but please take the time to just watch it in full. The transitions and tone throughout is intended to be viewed in one piece. I'm almost finished part two, and still thinking about a clever way to share it once I'm done. I think because I'm working on the new one, I've become less attached to the first. And look, you may not feel anything after watching this, you may have opposing views on whats being said, or you just might like it, but I hope within the hour something inspires you how it has and continues to inspire me. Enjoy.

Highsnobiety Issue 13

These are images from a recent interview with Highsnobiety, where I spoke about everything from shipping containers and thrift shopping, to working at Nomad when it was still on Richmond Street. The story is written by Jian DeLeon, who ironically, was instrumental in NEEDS&WANTS getting it's first acclaim back in 2013.

Photos from the spread are c/o Othello Grey and Michael Rousseau. This issue is available now at fine retailers (worldwide) and for purchase online, here.