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Amsterdam, London,
Paris, Barcelona

Recapping this recent Europe trip mainly because I'll feel awkward posting this in 2017, not that it should matter. I did four countries in a week despite missing a connecting flight to Paris by fifteen minutes. All good though, arriving to Paris late gave me the chance to visit Foundation Louis Vuitton the next day. Now I understand the need for escapism people have with Europe; it's like living poetry and everything is beautiful by default. It was awkward and challenging at times when I couldn't communicate, so in the coming year it might be time to learn a second language.

Above: The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Not only great design in terms of the museum's interior, but even the visitor information pamphlets were so well designed.

Below: Calvin's Mecca designed by Aziz Bekkaoui.

Above: The unzipped wall by Bjarke Ingels for Serpentine Gallery. I think the exhibit has since been removed so its cool that I had a chance to climb it before then.

Above: Doe-vah Street Maw-kit. Say that out loud it's funnier.

Above: Foundation Louis Vuitton (Paris) was on my bucket list. Frank Gehry's gift to Paris, an art museum and cultural centre care of the LVMH group. It was cool to visit the auditorium and hear a security guards recount of Kanye West's epic performance there in 2015. "T'was magnifique!", he said.

I love Barcelona. I was only there for two days but made sure to visit the Mies van der Rohe pavilion, and Museu del Disseny, which had entire floors dedicated to the evolution of fashion, furniture and graphic design. At one beach, ah I forget the name, but I could see a glistening structure about a mile away, which happened to be Peix OlĂ­mpic, another sculpture designed by Frank Gehry we stumbled upon by accident.