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New York

My friends tell me I've become too obsessed with museums and art galleries. At this point, gallery hopping is probably the first thing I have planned when travelling, and if I'm being honest, that probably won't change anytime soon. In fact, it could only get worse. I've been visiting New York since I was about 16. At that time, I was going for crusades with my church; packed into a rented school bus full of God fearing folks driving for 12 hours while trying everything in my power to break away from the congregation and go sightseeing on my own. How did I ever endure that? I must've really wanted to see New York that bad. And it's possible that because of those previous restraints, what I'm really obsessed with is exploration; I can freely do laps around the island and each time I'm there I discover something new about the city and myself.

Above: The Oculus, a $4 billion dollar structure designed by Santiago Calatrava. It sits at the centre of The World Trade memorial in Lower Manhattan.

Above: Rashid Johnson's 'Fly Away' exhibition at Hauser & Wirth New York. Coincidentally, I walked into the exhibit in the midst of the artist walking visitors through his work. You couldn't help but appreciate the large scale installation of Rashid's work. I'm positive I wasn't the only one picking apart the details of the massive architectural grid full of signifying objects, including video screens, mounds of shea butter, and live plants in ceramic vessels built and decorated by Johnson.

Below: Daniel Arsham's 'CIRCA 2345' at Galerie Perrotin. This show was as ambitious and futuristic as its intent. Also, Daniel Arsham is the co-founder of Snarkitecture, which you need to Google right now.

Above: Josh and I caught up at The New York Public Library. Even being a native New York'er he's still in awe of the library's interior. I've got no photos of it, but I can remember thinking how awkward it was to see people actually studying in the reading room while visitors (most of which I assume were tourists) flooded the space trying to get the best angle on their phones. Maybe its a good thing mine died.

Below: Tonal harmony in Frank Lloyd Wright's living room at The Met. I'll admit, museums of that size are too overwhelming, but I left feeling the need to attend a Met Gala just for shits.

There is a place I tried to get into but was stopped in my tracks by security. The TWA Flight Centre at JFK airport. I wanted to see it in person before they begin a huge commercial restoration this year. The original terminal opened in 1962, designed by Eero Saarinen for Trans World Airlines. The security guard wouldn't even let me in for 5 minutes, even though I mentioned that I landed at Laguardia and detoured there just to check it out. Regardless, I saw a lot of cool shit on this trip, and I can confidently say that I finally know how to use the MTA without getting lost.