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Room For Research

As much as I try to sketch out an idea, sometimes I'll find myself drawing a blank. While I would consider myself a critical thinker, my communication skills are partial; I can execute better than I can plan, mumble better than I can articulate, and daydream more than I can sleep. In this digital age, most people aren't in a rush to make things with their own two hands, and with the endless amount of applications available to us its not like we have to. But, it's the digital age that challenges me to pursue my limits within the real world, with technology serving only as a crutch.

Above: Vintage Bang & Olufsen CX100 passive speakers (c. 1984). Production ceased in September 2003, but I got lucky and found an all white pair online. The system itself is older than me, and sourcing the supporting parts was no walk in the park, but the bass still knocks.

Below: The Olivetti Dora typewriter in perfect working condition. Originally produced in the early 70's, the system's QWERTZ (German Keyboard) took some getting used to. Photos c/o Michael Rousseau

Room For Research is a demo for a solo exhibition I'm working on entitled 'Curves', which is also one of the editing steps I use in Photoshop. Curves are also a constant in my life. For me, nothing has ever been in a straight line, and I try not to view things so straight forward. I'm a millennial by default, we discern, we ask questions. I'm apart of the last generation to experience Summer holiday before the internet but adapt to it as it continues to become part of our existence. I still try not to take my phone to bed but access to information at all times makes it difficult.

I didn't understand the importance of the space around you when working, I was just relying on my own discipline. The truth is, I can't fully concentrate in communal workspaces, I rely on clarity, tranquility, and at times, healthy forms of isolation. The only space you should be trying to fit in is the one you create for yourself. I had to tweet that, too.

Below: Apple iBook G4 (c. October 2004), demo notes and sketches.

I considered all the components of a working space that allow me to be more productive. Books, films, my favourite albums, and a very good sound system bring about an energy that keeps me focused and on task. The setup and synergy of all these components are what I see in museums, galleries, and installations when I travel. I took note of what I felt tapping into my senses, so naturally, I wanted to bring that home.

Above: Screen testing Filed Under Film 2. Unlike the tone of the first instalment, this tape is a stream lo-fi visuals with little dialogue. Watch snippets of it on my Instagram story (for the next 24 hrs) here.

I remember having to present class projects and hating it! I couldn't really explain myself, much less my work, I find it difficult (at times) even now. What I did enjoyed most was building the presentation, thinking of the best possible way to package the work, or work of art.