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Man About Town: Pack Light

I brought one bag with me to Miami Design week and it wasn't even luggage, it was a small knapsack smaller than a duffle bag. There's no real reason I'm being this specific other than the fact that I'm proud to have finally mastered the art of packing light. I'm a collector but not a hoarder, does that make sense? So maybe, I've mastered the art of living light? Nah, almost almost. At this point, I'm just more excited to travel and see things than to buy things, know what I mean?

Above: My mentor Chris' isolated fortress about three hours outside of Toronto. It kinda feels like Nathan's lab from Ex Machina. All I did the entire weekend was drink espresso, white wine, and listen to Teebs. Oh, that was also the weekend Chris put me onto the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Koyaanisqatsi. Crazy.

Above: Go see 'A wall is just a wall' by Kapwani Kiwanga until May 14 at The Power Plant if you're in Toronto. They've got some other cool shit there, too.

Above: A kinetic installation outside of Pérez Art Museum by Jesús Rafael Soto · The School of Architecture at the University of Miami · The Happy Room for Fendi, a collection designed by Cristina Celestino at Design Miami.

Below: Fall/Winter hand tags made using iPhone images from Paris and Amsterdam.

Above: I had to order spare parts for my vintage Bang & Olufsen speakers directly from their showroom. I love that brand, they've given me a new appreciation for sound design.

I loved the PlayStation mini design more than the PS1 when it first came out. I found one online that's almost brand new. I grew out of gaming just after highschool but I admire the development and design of video games nonetheless. I got the PS1 mini for my 'Curves' exhibition (a tentative title) that will include a collection of electronic and analog objects.