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I've spent the past few years designing jackets as though they were paintings, contrasting colours and experimenting with all sorts of material. Some jackets are reflective of my travels, some even holding a long winded explanation of the contrasting sleeve. I do love what I was making, but I've since evolved, and rather than focus on design that I only find visually appealing, I'm putting my energy towards designing with a deeper sentiment: focusing on practicality, things I would personally wear—everyday. This is a large part of the reason I'm taking my time with our new collection.

Above: Published ads from NEEDS&WANTS F/W '16 campaign · Styling by Sarah Vee. Photography c/o Neva Wireko.

Below: The soft yet striking racer jacket in Lavender suede overlaps from our previous collection, not to revisit but to reiterate our sentiments on combining colour. Oversized zippers on the openings of cropped coach jackets replaced buttoning snap hardware this season; saying more about our stance on utility over leisure.

The previous F/W collection (above) was way more toned down than the F1 inspired collection that released before it; I had plans to continue in that direction a little more refined for F/W, but my mood changes with the seasons I suppose. I still love the idea of contrasting colour, but I almost feel as though I'm insisting, through design, that things only need to be purchased once. Not to mention the next NEEDS&WANTS delivery will include an expanded product line consisting of both jackets, pants, and accessories. I'm amped. After all, it's not as if I'm getting older and wanting more stuff; since the beginning I've been on a quest to minimize.