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NEEDS&WANTS Paper Issue 04

Redesigning NEEDS&WANTS Paper into large format felt like the next natural step in independent publishing. It was rarely called a paper by anyone seeing it for the first time and it was usually described as a fold out poster for the first three issues, which I hated tbh. But at that time, I think our initial approach to starting a publication had more to do with being economic than it had to do with content or design.

I was traveling and constantly seeing really strong design, inspiring design, in so many forms from magazines to museum info pamphlets, enough to make the treasure map type thing we were doing feel amateur. Being challenged by what I was seeing was a good thing, it set a new bar for us, it meant we had more work to do, and that this thing is still growing.

Our new approach is less photos, larger text, better writing, all resulting in what has set the tone for the paper going forward. The marketing of this issue was one of best parts of this rollout, not only because Chi Modu gave us a cover story and let us put his images of Pac into print, but also bringing back newspaper boxes as a form of distribution; especially in an age where things are becoming increasingly paperless.

Issue five is almost done and should be out in April. I know the newspaper boxes are cleaned out but you can still get a copy of the current issue here.