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Utah, Arizona, Las Vegas

The American Southwest, literally a land before time that makes my top 5 most beautiful places list. Someone recently told me the earth's continents are moving back together inch by inch—according to scientists. Meaning, in hundreds of millions of years from now, this entire planet will return to Pangea. Is this true? Can you imagine? If that's really the case, how ironic is it that we're here we are doing all this dividing for nothing—pun intended.

Above: I was told the rock on this land is over 160 million years old. At one point, most of it was under water. Yo, I honestly can't even quantify 160 million years.

Below: A remote hideaway in Canyon Point. More on this later.

Long story short, I've got a friend of a friend, Aron, who sings. His EP is coming out this Spring, and we chose Salt Lake City, Arizona, and Vegas for shoot locations. This year, I'm pretty much making a case for iPhone music videos, I think they're the future, if they're not already. I found a Canon 514XL Super 8 before the trip so I may mix the formats for the video if all goes well.

I've been wondering if I would've appreciated travel in my teens like I do now? Whatever, I feel like it's better it's happening now... I'm fully in it. I'm about to board a flight to Bulgaria for a few days, and then making my way to Japan via Beijing. I'm bringing one bag, and like 1..2.. four cameras. I'm here at the airport typing this looking like I'm heading to Vancouver to go kayaking lol. That out-of-office reply is on for the next three weeks. The man about town becomes man of the world. Talk soon.