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Expert? That depends on what we're talking about. I'd say inquisitive, long winded, obsessive, etc etc. My thoughts here.

We On (2007)

I still remember when this song first came out, at this point I'd consider it a cult classic. You might still catch it mid day on BET during that syndication of videos they've had replaying for the past decade. This was still during the era of the long white tee, so there was nothing quite like it since Jadakiss and Styles P traded raps on We Gonna Make It. I miss Lupe Fiasco. I think rap owes him a lot. He was—in the truest sense of the word—an early adapter, intricate writer, a Chicago alternative pre Chance The Rapper, and the perfect balance of substance and brag rap. In the song 'We On' (above) Lupe says, and I quote,

"Well I'm all like no chrome, low tints fo' phones
Just in case, E.T. wanna go home
Never chase, cause of me there is no Jones
Levitate from the sea floor to the ozone"

Sidebar, I strongly recommend listening to 'Food & Liquor' and 'The Cool' if you haven't already. Classic albums, dont @ me.