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Atlanta (Brick BTS)

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I was in Atlanta a few weeks back shooting bts for Trouble's 'Brick' video. The moment I landed, I headed to Decatur to drop my bags off and was at Onyx hours later. Behind-the-scenes to me should feel more like photo journalism than a recap. As much as I thought I knew Southern rap culture, I could only appreciate it from afar via The Love Below or Thug Motivation, and even then, it's not enough to fully understand the nuances of Southern culture until you're there.

This is in contrast from my usual photo work, but I'll forever romanticize with the idea of operating in a dual space. That space is where I'm challenged to find the beauty on set in a trap, or within the interior of a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I haven't got a term for that^^ yet, but the approach is an advantage.