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K. Roosevelt (Intro)

Towards the end of last year I had the pleasure of directing three upcoming videos for K. Roosevelt, a producer turned sanger from the West Coast who I've been a fan of since Do Me Now. With R&B coming back to the forefront of popular music in a digital era, this is an important time for artists to take control of their own development and presentation.

This upcoming project is somewhat of a reintroduction for K, and I get a sense of fulfillment whenever I can contribute to an artist's output, especially when I'm already a fan of the music. Directing is a role I'm still easing into, I find it has some parallels to fashion design, but I'm grateful whenever I'm trusted to shoot in film — with zero playback. All Def Jam gotta do is plug it in and it's a bop. Release date TBA. On set photos c/o Tyler Adams.