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Man About Town: Things Still Go

Let me wish you a prosperous new year and explain that my lack of updating wasn't the result of me awol'ing; I was missing in action after my laptop was stolen from a friend's car a few months back. Yeah i know i know it sucks, but it could've been worse, and the last thing I was gonna do was author posts from my phone, it was hard enough watching Everyday Struggle (R.I.P) on a tight ass screen. Regardless, the bounce back has been glorious as I type to you live from this Space Grey Air that is so light sometimes I forget its on me. I forgot who I was talking to days after my laptop was jacked, but they said "You may have lost a ton of work but at least you didn't lose your mind." That gospel has stuck with me ever since. Moral of the story is, and I've tweeted this recently: things don't always go as planned but things still go.